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Mr. Edi Marlon [Director/CEO/General Manager]


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Phone number of Mr. Edi Marlon at Cileungsi, Bogor

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JL. Alternatif Cileungsi, Kompleks Metropolitan Land Transyogi, Green Palma Blok Tanjung 14 No.20
Cileungsi, Bogor 16820, Jakarta

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World Expert Indonesia started its business since 2008 in packaging products.
Our first product is wooden packaging product such as Wooden Pallet and Wooden Crate or wooden box.

To pursue markets demand, we produce another packaging from paper packaging and plastic packaging.

Paper packaging such as paper sack or paper bag, paper angle or edge protector, paper tube or paper core, paper pallet.

Plastic packaging such as plastic pallet, plastic wrapping, plastic PE / HD
For detail information of our product as you can see in our product catalogues.
Our products is used for local and export usage

We are here to be your best partner. Not only for having benefit mutual business but also hoping you always exist in in the market for your business.

" Being the largest and fastest growing company in the handling of all business enterprises and become the market leader to maintain our existence in pursuit of an International company for national and international organizations.

Fully committed in responding to customer needs, market demand and solving existing problems through the provision of products and services that are comprehensive and quality, human resources are friendly, well trained and competent management, a systematic and controlled, reliable and accurate service, the available infrastructure and integrated services and information and technology based

" Providing a systematic, fastest and most reliable in all our business activities in order to maintain our existence as a market leader on the national and international organizations "

1. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer complaints
2. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of production processes and services

Our motto is " QUALITY INNER ONE STOP SERVICE " or Innovative, Excellence, Respect, quality, and One Stop Service.

1. We have a goal with all respect to give you a best service and zero complaints in your business.
2. We give you our best service and qualified products while increasing our service methode with one stop service
3. We give you our " Inovatif, Excellence, Respect and Kualitas One Stop Service
4. The ease and convenience of doing business because of the overall settlement.
5. Human Resources-friendly, comprehensive, experienced, trained and competent.
6. In our activities, we strive to create and explore many ideas to expand and develop quality products, solutions that are always effective and efficient and also provides products with excellent service.
7. We saw all the problems and needs that you face as in our company. Attention and comprehensive settlement will be given. For us you are a partner who should be heard so that you will find comfort and sustainability in your business.

We prepare our products for local market and international or export market and focusing for your satisfaction, to give you competitive price, fast delivery, good quality, friendly staff who are ready to support you.

Take this chance at soon by joining with us.

We give special price for every order in large quantity and routine order.

Do not waste your time for searching another vendor, take this moment at soon, your satisfaction is our focus of service.

Contact us at soon :
Marketing Office : Jl.Alternatif Cileungsi, Kompleks Metropolitan Land Transyogi, Green Palma, Sektor Tanjung 14 No.20, Cileungsi-Bogor 16280

Telp : + 6221 2962 8497, + 6221 2962 8516 ( DID) ,
+ 6221 2962 8518, + 62212962 8514 ( HOTLINE)
Fax : + 6221 2962 8515
Mobile : + 62813 1411 4626
Mardo : + 6281396082677
PIN BB : 55128E77 , 2383BC4E ( Please add me)
Whatsapp : 089681178991
email : info@
ym : weiexpert
gtalk : weiexpert
skype : edicassanop

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